IMandi’s modular and personalized platform is built on the pillars of:

  • Community
  • Content
  • Commerce
  • Communication

iMandi’s unique technology provides users with the best of all social commerce features.

  1. INTER-OPERABLE APPS: Built to work across both smart phones and web
  2. 2G AND 3G+ COMPATIBLE: Last-mile 2G connectivity and works on 3G/4G networks
  3. MULTILINGUAL: Available in Hindi, English and 10 regional languages
  4. AUDIO-VISUAL: Voice-enabled commands and graphics as enablers instead of text
  5. SOCIAL COMMERCE: Virtual communities for interactions and secure transactions
  6. CONTENT BROADCAST: Offers image, audio, video and VoIP support
  7. ASSISTED MODEL: Last-mile network of agents provide assistance with user onboarding, transactions and delivery + multilingual remote assistance through toll-free no.